I dedicate this page friends musicians who played on my album time to time, because I will never stop thanking them with a heart …

Being musicians play in other groups or as soloists I want you to know.

Their projects are really interesting and special, I do not say it just because they are my friends!

Next to their name you will find some links of the band in which they are active, a few words to the wise, just good music!

Alessandro Marrazzo alias The Newt – Il tritone delle Groane: Guitarist and singer, plays and sings music composed by him and covers of The Doors, Pink Floyd and various blues, but mostly it is the only one in Milan to organize jam sessions in various places, in order to create a network of musician.

Massimiliano Ghirardelli: Bass player and Guitarist it also plays in the band, Jazztag e P.C.P piano che piove


Luca Amato: Guitarist, it also plays in the band Palmyra: Band Milan original music and some covers style Rock / Indie Rock.

Stefano Iascone: Trumpeter it also plays in the band nel Figli di madre ignota: Milan band that plays an aggressive mixture of Mediterranean music, polkas bedeviled, klezmer GM tarantelle incattivite. Electric guitars surf and a generous horn section.

Sonny Buyo: Saxophonist it also plays in the band

Simone Rossetti Bazzaro: Violinist it also plays in the band KHORA quartet

Borderlights Studios: rehearsal room, recording studio and music courses. It is in Tirano Street 18 Paderno Dugnano (Mi) Italy

William Perera: graphic arts