Valentino D’Amico aka Valentino supertino born in Milan on 12 December 1988.

A polyhedric artist, uses many percussion instruments (djembe, congas, bongos, cajon darbuka, timbales, hard harmonious etc.), in a constant creative research that led him to experience the sound in all its nuances.

His passion for music started at the of three years old he had the urge to play any object: pots, boxes, chairs, etc., in short, anything that might make a sound!

At about four years his parents buy a battery “toy”, discovering his passion for the instrument, and they decide to enroll him at the musical workshop for children, so as to understand better his attitudes.

Given his desire increasingly focused on the battery, at age 5 enrolled him in the course of drum and percussion civic school of music (which he attended for many years), and give him for sixth birthday acoustic drums professionally.

At the age of 10 years while he is on vacation sees an unknown instrument on a stand of a peddler Senegalese, and was the djembe! Intrigued, try to play it by giving “double-tap”; and has undergone great passion, a new tool to discover ……

He decides to buy it and slowly reproduces sounds that make him discover the true essence of rhythm, different from what he had learned so far on percussion; this begins to perfect itself as a self-taught using various methods.

The desire to improve has grown more and more so that for years he attended a course in African drumming held by the famous master senegalse Balla Nar Ndiaye Rose (son of the famous percussionist Doudou Ndiaye Rose).