Over the years has always played various genres of music, and in 2011 he joined as a live performer in the world of discos and clubs of Milan and neighborhood, experimenting with success the genre house, deep house, commercial dance, techno, trance etc.

In his performance favors the use of djembe, so you can move between the public and involve “creating energy” .Some club and disco where he played : Le Banque (MI), Le Jardin (MI), Fellini (MI) , Old Fashion Cafe (MI), Loola Paloosa (MI), Tocqueville 13 (MI), The Beach (MI), Punta dell’est (MI), Cost (me), I’m lifestyle (Cr), Area 21 (MI), Sio Cafe (MI), Gioia 69 (IMI, Le Club (Mb), Bunker (MI), Glass Cube (MI).

In this page you can find some of my riedit songs elettronic music.

In the live performance he play percussion acoustic ( congas,djembe, bongos. Ect.) . All this can feel it when I perform live in club and disco!!!